I’m too much. I adore to much. I dream vividly. my imagination is endless. I love intensely. my love is endless. I am spontaneous. I fear what I cannot see. I try to control. I think I give good advice. I should listen more. I must learn patience above all. I am depressed. thinking about being…

Confession #3: It scares me that it so hard for to even think about letting go of those past emotions. 

Confession #2: I don’t know if i can let go of all the past feelings I have when it comes to my relationship with my momma, because of how hard they we’re to deal with at the time. 

This is silly, If anyone ever reads this they’d probably think that I am jus about one of the weirdest people they’ve ever met. But If someone who is jus as weird as me reads this and understands then thank you because its amazing right?… I was jus sitting here on my bed thinking of my wonderful boyfriend and all the things i love so much about him. I came to thinking of  how much I love to kiss him and how the smell of his breath when we kiss makes me have so many butterflies i can’t stop smiling. Lol, i know how weird this sounds, but when he kisses me or is very close to my face there is this certain smell that comes from him and it makes me so happy. Of course when he eats something with onions or garlic or a burrito ahah his breath smells not all that amazing but its not horrible. I’ve read somewhere before that a certain hormone is produced and released when a person is attracted to another. This must be it! right?? I don’t know if it is or isn’t it, all I know is that he smells amazing. I can try to describe it- honey, sweet something, warm, musky, something… there are no words to describe it. 



confession#1. If I tell you how i feel, and i share what i have felt, i think maybe you’ll open up to me even more. Or i jus hope you will. I’d like to know what you feel makes me uncomfortable not knowing the bad thoughts, and only hearing the good.